The Perfect Gift for a Smoothie Fanatic

Bella Rocket Blender

Believe me when I say this: I have absolutely no time. Waking up in the morning, I have little time to get properly dressed let alone cook up a hearty breakfast before I’m bolting out the door trying to get to work on time. And I’ve tried everything from waking up at unsightly hours to cooking something up in advance for the morning to simply eating small snacks throughout the day. Needless to say, the lack of sleep, and even more so, the lack of healthy nutritious foods definitely put a huge toll on my wellbeing. Somedays I would even try packing a bag of baby carrots and Brussel sprouts, but let’s face it: they may be nutritious but they definitely didn’t satisfy my desire for something that was just tasty! After years of going through this routine of carrying to work a bag of tiny vegetables, I decided enough was enough. I definitely felt backed up against a wall as I had a serious choice to make: sacrificing time to eat something tasty and nutritious, or attempting to eat better while being severely unproductive.

This choice quickly disappeared once I started using quick and efficient blenders that were able to make delicious yet healthy smoothies and high-protein, energy packed shakes. And the best thing was that I could just take any leftover fruits in my fridge, plop them into my blender, and in seconds I would have a satisfying shake that could help keep me going throughout the day. But there was still one problem: taking out the time to find an appropriate container to hold everything my delicious creation in.

Bella Rocket BlenderMy dear friend noticed that I was frantic in finding the perfect blender for me and that’s when I received one of the best gifts I could possibly have received. The Bella Rocket Blender came to the rescue, and was definitely the type of reliability, convenience, and efficiency I desired in a top-notch blender. The following is therefore a quick and simple bella blender review.

The first thing I noticed about the Bella Blender, was the sheer efficiency at which it liquefied everything into a luscious, almost creamy concoction of fruity goodness. This in part came from the high quality, dual stainless steel blades that not only is able to liquefy anything I put inside, but chopped up vegetables and grinded up almonds and other crunchy pieces into a smooth powder. Unlike most blenders that I’ve used that leave behind massive chunky bits, the Bella Blender is quick in ensuring a smooth drink every time.

On the weekends, when I do have a bit of time to myself in cooking up some other delicious meals, the small size of my kitchen was also a problem. And having a massive blender taking up table space was always an issue. Luckily, the Bella Blender completely comes apart, letting my store it away and even the tiniest of places. And the best part? Each component is 100% dish washer-safe, saving me even more time when I have to clean up all the dirty dishes!

Lastly, probably the biggest reason why I use the Bella Blender so frequently, is the detachable and sealable cup that it comes with. After blending up a couple of fruits and getting my favorite mango-peach smoothie, I don’t even have to fumble around in my cupboards looking for a reliable, correct sized container to take with me. The Bella Blender comes with a detachable cup and all I have to do is pop on a re-sealable lid before heading out to tackle a long, productive day.

In the end, the days of frantically rushing out the door without something healthy and delicious is long behind me thanks to the Bella Blender.

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