About Me

AshtangaYogaSeattleI’m Karen Davies and I’ve been a yoga instructor for over a decade. Born and raised in Seattle, I’ve worked at various locations all over the city. I made a pilgrimage to India when I was in my twenties to study yoga at an ashram. I’ve been in love with yoga ever since, and I’d like to share as much of that love as I can with you.

I made this site to help people get into the habit of doing yoga on their own. Whether it’s at home, on break at work, or anywhere else that you have a bit of time to lay a yoga mat down, yoga is the perfect way to unwind. Forming the habit of doing it often might not be easy for some, but try to keep in mind how good for you practicing yoga really is.

The main benefits of yoga are greatly improved physical and mental wellbeing. With regular practice, your body will be stronger and more flexible. With the meditation exercises included in a genuine yoga session, your mind will be sharper and you’ll have improved concentration.